Peace Crane by Hilary Taylor

Peace Crane by Hilary Taylor
Picture by Justin Wyatt
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This magical story has a touch of the supernatural. When an injured crane is found and nursed, something happens, something magical and inspiring...

Gentle Footprints launched- AS SEEN ON TV

Gentle Footprints was officially launched Fri June 4th at the Hay Festival with guest speaker Virginia McKenna and some of the authors

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Virginia McKenna at Hay Launch

Virginia McKenna at Hay Launch

Animal Anthology To Raise Funds for Born Free

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Visit the Born Free Website to find out more about their valuable work...

Thursday, 11 March 2010

There are six or seven different types of swan. The one most commonly found in Britian is the Mute Swan. It is found mainly in Britain and Europe and occasionally in the very North of Africa. This is the swan we all know and love.

Bewick's Swan is named after the engraver Thomas Bewick, who specialised in illustrations of birds and animals.

The Whooper Swan is similar in appearance to the Bewick’s swan. However, it is larger, at a length of 140-160 cm (55-63 in), a wingspan of 205-275 cm (81-110 in) and a weight range of 8–20 kg (17.6-44 lbs). This species is often migratory. It has a more angular head shape and a more variable bill pattern that always shows more yellow than black Bewick’s swans have more black than yellow).

The Trumpeter Swan, Cygnus buccinator, is the largest native North American bird, if measured in terms of weight and length, and is (on average) the largest living waterfowl species on earth. It is the North American counterpart of the European Whooper Swan.

The Cocroroba swan is the smallest species of swans and often has a gloriously pink beak.

The Whistling swan is perhaps the noisiest of all swans. It hat calls with a soft, musical note. It has a black bill, usually with a small yellow spot near the eye. It breeds in the Arctic tundra and winters in shallow fresh or salt water, especially along eastern and western U.S. coasts.

The black swan is intriguing, with its romantic darker side, though Australian black swans can be a threat to other swans.
These species of swans can interbreed and there can be some surprising results.

Follow this link to find some games to do with swan species.   Swan Games

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